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How to Select a Domain Name?

This tutorial provides important information about domain names that will help you select a domain address that meets both your branding and budget requirements.  The guide will also help you find and register adomain name that promotes website visibility,  is easily accessible to your customer base and is search engine friendly.

Generic Top Level Domains (gTLD)

Short, meaningful domain names under the original six TLDs (e.g. COM, NET, ORG) are often difficult to find and far too expensive.  Fortunately, some lesser known gTLDs have been released that offer some great alternatives. Find a domain registrar that has the domain you need.

Country Specific Top Level Domains (ccTLD)

There are many advantages to using a ccTLD domain name for your website. They including a wider selection of available names and a lower cost of ownership.   Discover which ccTLDs are available to you. Each country has its own domain registrar and authorized sales agents.

Hosting Country Specific Domains

If you decide to purchase a country specific domain name on your website, it is quite feasible to host that site in that nation or a different country.  You just need a web hosting company can support ccTLD domain names. Find a web host that can handle your domain name.



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